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Monday, 5 March 2012

MFCOM Service

In our Citrix Enviornment, we have two servers(for example). Both the servers will be up and running fine but one of the server's status in citrix access management console will be Unavailable, whereas the server will be up and running. Now if we check the services.msc in second server(which one is showing as unavailable in citrix access management console), citrix MFCom Service status will be starting.. This is the problem.

Now follow the below steps:
Start Task Manager
kill mfcom32(or mfcom) process

Go to Services
Take Citrix MFCOM service to MANUAL

Open CMD and run followings:
dsmaint recreatelhc
dsmaint recreaterade

Go to Services
Start Citrix IMA Service

Open "Citrix Delivery Console" and check if it's ok or else manually start MFCOM service.
Wait until Citrix MFCOM starts (it will go to stopping status and will start but it takes time, after it does take it to Automatic)

Reboot the server

If you still face the issue, follow the below process:
IMA and MFCOM services are unresponsive during the Starting state due to data store corruption.


This issue occurs when there is a corrupt data store. Database corruption can be from a hard reboot of the XenApp server with an open connection to the data store.


Verifying the Issue
To analyze the issue, you must verify the following:

  1. Verify in the event log if the IMA or MFCOM service is unresponsive(hanging), as shown in the following screen shot:

  1. You notice that the services, which are in the Starting state, are in an unresponsive state.

  1. You can also verify it by opening the registry and navigating to HKLM>SOFTWARE>Wow6432Node>Citrix>IMA>RUNTIME and observe the CurrentlyLoadingPlugin key. If no details are displayed, then it might be a datastore corruption, or a service issue.
Note: An admin can verify if the database is corrupt.

Verifying for Data Store Corruption

To verify if it is a data store corruption and resolve it, complete the following procedure:

  1. An admin can typically verify a data store corruption by completing the following tasks:
    - Running the dsmaint recreatelhc from the command prompt
    - Starting the service
    If you still experience issues, you must check for corruption in the datastore.

  2. Create a new database and point the server in question to a new farm using the new database. If the server does not change the farm, you might have to check the data store integrity.

  3. Run dscheck to get more details such as, where the corruption occurs. Refer to the Knowledge Center article CTX124406 – DSCHECK - XenApp Data Store Checker Tool Commands for more information about running dscheck command.

    In the following sample, you can observe that the dscheck /full servers was run and stopped prematurely at server Prod4. You can also observe that the following server after Prod4 is Prod6. In this example, you can notice that Prod6 has been powered down in the event viewer manually, potentially still having an open connection to the datastore, causing the corruption when it was rebooted. The Local Host Cache might have updated with the corrupt information. Therefore, the grace period of the IMA service is not activated because the system can still partially read the LHC file.

  1. After restoring the datastore from a back up , run the dscheck /full servers once again. You can notice from the output that Server Prod6 is now displayed. This server had caused the corruption.

The IMA and MFCOM services are in Started state on all the servers.

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